Who We Are

While many family law firms recommend litigation as a first course of action, Farkhad & Wang carefully considers the sensitivity of the issues our clients are facing.  And, we work very closely and collaboratively with them to resolve issues between all parties involved.  Only after gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ issues, concerns, and desired outcomes, do we offer our professional advice, which may or may not require court intervention.

Another clear difference in working with Farkhad & Wang, compared to others who specialize in Family Law, is our commitment to make this process as easy as possible and our ability to offer consistency.  Our clients are assigned one attorney for their particular situation and that individual works directly with that client, acting as their advocate throughout the entire process.

With a broad range of experience in Family Law, Farkhad & Wang has a strong understanding of the lasting effects (positive or negative) of the decisions made during these difficult seasons of our clients’ lives.  For this reason, we enter into a client relationship with the desire to create and maintain a holistic, caring and compassionate, long-term relationship that is built around mutual trust.

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