Consulting Attorneys

In some cases, you and your spouse will try to work out your own agreement and settlement for divorce. This is often a good option because it saves money and allows you, the parents, to have full input in the custodial arrangement.

However, navigating the legal system/process is often overwhelming, and you might not be sure what you are actually entitled to.

As your consulting attorneys, we stay in the background, providing guidance and helping you navigate the legal process. We will discuss your options, help you understand your options, provide recommendations based on current law and your specific circumstances, and help you file your documents with the Court and serve your spouse as needed.

In the event you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement, we can shed our roles as your consulting attorney to step in and become your attorneys of record immediately.

Call the Certified Family Law Specialists at Farkhad & Wang to discuss whether having a consulting attorney is right for your case.