Do I need a divorce lawyer?

Do I need a divorce lawyer?

This is a common question for those thinking about getting a divorce.  We have all heard horror stories about divorces that have cost families their savings.  So it’s not surprising that most people try to do their own divorces.

But should you do your own divorce?

In all cases, it would be helpful to have some legal assistance.  But we firmly believe that this should not cost you an arm and a leg.  For example, if you have no children, a short-term marriage, and an agreement between you and your spouse, you may be tempted to handle the process yourself.  Over the course of the process, you will find that it is time-consuming, unnecessarily complicated by legal procedural requirements, and you may become frustrated by what should have been a simple process.  By utilizing a service such as Farkhad & Wang’s Flat Fee Divorce, you would have been able to save yourself the hassle and have our attorneys complete your divorce for a clear upfront flat rate.

However, if your case is complicated, if you and your spouse disagree, but you would like to save money on your divorce, you may try to handle your own divorce.  But you may find that handling your divorce yourself may lead you to actually losing more than you would have saved had you used an attorney.  For example, California is a community property state; however, that does not necessarily mean that once you are married your spouse is entitled to one-half of everything.  You may be giving away more than you would be required to under the law if you simply divided your estate in half.  An experienced family law attorney can help you navigate California’s complex and ever-changing family law arena to help you achieve your best possible outcome.

The bottom line is, due to the complexity of the judicial system, it is always beneficial to have some legal assistance.  You may save time and money, and you will find the process to be less daunting when you work with an experienced family law attorney as your guide.


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