Keeping Costs Down On Divorce – Part 3: Buy New Shoes

Written by on January 22, 2014 in Cost Saving Tips


People are emotional.  Divorce is emotional.  Sometimes emotions will cause litigants to drive up the cost of their divorce with no tangible benefit.  Is it really worth it to spend $1,000 to fight for something that is worth $50?  Probably not.  Similarly, it is often not worth it to spend $2,500 to realize a $100 savings.  This may seem like common sense, but in divorce, it may not be that obvious.

For example, if your ex-spouse does not return the children’s shoes to you, then you should buy new shoes.  It is far less expensive to buy a pair of children’s shoes than it is for your attorneys to exchange letters regarding the return of your children’s shoes.  After multiple letters and phone calls back and forth, those $20 shoes may end up costing you $500, and the Courts may not necessarily be sympathetic in ordering attorneys fees incurred for children’s shoes.

This is not “giving in” or “giving up.”  It just makes sense to spend your money on your children and not on your attorneys.

We are not suggesting that nothing is worth the fight.  For example, if you are buying all the children’s clothes, school supplies, etc., and your spouse refuses to return them, then you should contact your attorney.  However, if this is a one-time occurrence, consider the cost of that call before you make it and be sure this is where you should spend your money.

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