Do I need a divorce lawyer?

Do I need a divorce lawyer? This is a common question for those thinking about getting a divorce.  We have all heard horror stories about divorces that have cost families their savings.  So it’s not surprising that most people try to do their own divorces. But should you do your own divorce? In all cases, […]

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Spring Break

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Spring Break is approaching and it’s time to make sure that your holiday child custody schedules are set.  During a divorce, parents often have an order to share their children’s school holidays, whether it be alternating the holiday each year or dividing the break in half each year. However you and the other parent decide […]

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Spring Cleaning – What NOT To Toss!

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It’s almost time for some Spring Cleaning, and we know it is tempting to start throwing away all the paper clutter that accumulates over the years, but here is a short list of documents you should absolutely always keep.   All documents relating to the purchase and refinance of your home, such as the HUD […]

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1. The “We do EVERYTHING” Law Firms: Although an attorney may practice most areas of the law upon passing the Bar Exam, I always caution clients to stay away from the attorneys who “limit” their practice to: “general civil litigation (plaintiff and defense), criminal defense, family law, personal injury, workers compensation….”  (you get the picture). […]

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