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Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian, recently announced that they have decided to call off their divorce.  And now Donald Sterling and his wife, Shelly Sterling, have called off their divorce. Is this something you can do?  What happens if you decide to divorce again? In California, at any time before a divorce is finalized, […]

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Sharing Custody of the Children over the Holidays

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The holidays are right around the corner and if you have not already agreed on how to share the children for the holidays, you and your ex should start discussing where your children are going to spend each holiday.  Please remember that Courts seldom (if ever) order holiday schedules on an ex parte (emergency) basis, so you […]

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Spring Cleaning – What NOT To Toss!

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It’s almost time for some Spring Cleaning, and we know it is tempting to start throwing away all the paper clutter that accumulates over the years, but here is a short list of documents you should absolutely always keep.   All documents relating to the purchase and refinance of your home, such as the HUD […]

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Modification of Spousal Support

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Did you know that the termination of a child support order can be a change in circumstances warranting a modification of spousal support? Under California Family Code Section 4326, you can file to modify your spousal support when your child support ends so long as you file the request within six months of the termination […]

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New Pitfalls In Technology and Divorce

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We have all heard stories about errant text messages, snarky Facebook updates, and inappropriate e-mails causing havoc in divorce cases.  Technology has made it far too easy for people in the midst of a divorce to “say” something they ultimately regret.  These texts, e-mails, Instagram photos, etc. may end up as evidence in custody battles, […]

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How to Appropriately Introduce your Child to Your New Partner

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Introducing your child to your new partner can be a difficult situation.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some tips on how to appropriately introduce your children to your partner.  Of course, every child and every situation is different.   Consulting with a therapist or counselor may be optimal if you are in a […]

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Keeping Costs Down On Divorce – Part 3: Buy New Shoes

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  People are emotional.  Divorce is emotional.  Sometimes emotions will cause litigants to drive up the cost of their divorce with no tangible benefit.  Is it really worth it to spend $1,000 to fight for something that is worth $50?  Probably not.  Similarly, it is often not worth it to spend $2,500 to realize a […]

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7 Tips When Going to Court

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As family law attorneys, we are often in court with our clients.  Therefore, part of our job consists of preparing our clients for their courtroom conduct (i.e., how to dress, conduct themselves, when to speak, etc.)  Below are some of the pointers we discuss with our clients.   Note: This list is by no means exhaustive […]

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Keeping Costs Down on Divorce – Part 2: Experts

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When the parties find themselves in need of an expert such as a forensic evaluator or a real estate appraiser, or  it is more economical if the parties agree to jointly retain the expert(s) as opposed to each party hiring their own expert.  While many parties then share the expert fees or pay it from a community property […]

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Keeping Costs Down On Divorce – Part 1: Documentation

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Divorces are notoriously expensive, but they don’t have to be.   I am not a proponent of “low-cost divorces,” but I do believe in obtaining your divorce at a low-cost.  So, what can you do to keep the cost of your divorce down?  This is the first article in a 5-part series on things that all […]

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